Connec Train Corp Connectivity Certification Program

The Connec Train Corp Broadband Technician Connectivity Job Skill Training program will offer four 16-week Connectivity Certification training sessions in Fiber Optic Installation and Low voltage Cabling for a total of 40 Charleston residents. Upon completion of the training program, graduates will qualify for entry-level positions currently in-demand in the broadband installation and maintenance industries. The project will create 40 jobs in the Charleston area.

Participants in the 16-week training program will engage in theoretical, practical, and technical exercises to gain the skills needed to work in entry-level positions within the broadband installation sector. The course is scheduled three days a week and includes hands-on training and exam preparation sessions.

The program also includes exam fees for Electrician Technician Association (ETA) credentials in Data Cabling Installers certification (DCIC) and Fiber Optics Installer (FOI) certification.

After passing the exam, graduates will qualify for entry-level positions in broadband installation, maintenance, and repair.

Connectivity Certification Track

i. Low-voltage Cabling
The 8-week Low-voltage Cabling track is composed of 10 modules that cover safety,
management, installation, testing, and blueprint analysis. Participants will also spend three
weeks preparing for the Low-voltage Cabling exam through video lessons, class discussions, and hands-on practical projects. Program graduates are prepared to pass the ETA Data Cabling Installer Certification (DCIC) exam and to become a certified cable installer. The DCIC is nationally recognized and is the hiring criterion used by major communication companies.

More information – Commercial Low Voltage Wiring (Adobe PDF file)

ii. Fiber Optics Installation
The Fiber Optics Installation course follows a similar 8-week schedule broken down into 8
modules. The modules cover safety tools, optic fundamentals, fiber connectorization, network systems, blueprint analysis, and troubleshooting, The final two weeks of the program are focused on training, examination preparation, and hands-on training. Upon completing the program, graduates may sit for an advance exam, the ETA Fiber Optics Installer (FOI) certification.

Both certification tracks meet all of the criteria set by broadband providers for entry level
installer roles. Several West Virginia-based private employers in the telecommunications and cable installation sector, such as Citynet, Lumos Networks, and Electronic Specialty Company, have reported openings for qualified technicians and have expressed the desire to hire local workers. By collaborating with the private sector, the Connec Train Corp broadband installation training program will be able to function as a talent pipeline that identifies members of the displaced coal-industry and coal-adjacent workforce, enrolls these workers into a certification program, and connects graduates directly to well-paid work opportunities.

Connec Train Corp will procure and engage a cabling contractor to facilitate a training program that culminates in industry-recognized certifications in data and fiber optic cable installation. These certifications and specialized trainings are designed to meet regional needs for qualified telecommunication professionals and technicians in various federal projects and facilities in WV.

More Information – Fiber Optic Installers Certification Course (Adobe PDF file)

Funding for this project will cover curriculum licensing fees, classroom supplies, training
manuals, and related costs. Exam costs for trainees will also be covered by the project.
Program instructors will be compensated with a salary and benefits that commensurate with industry standards.

Admission into the training program will be limited to Charleston residents who meet the
following criteria:

● At least 18 years of age
● Minimum of high school diploma or equivalent
● Previous employment in coal sector/coal-impacted industry